Self-developed AI Analytics in the Cloud Opens a New Era of IT Outsourcing Service

CIO is a Taiwan-based team dedicated in providing an innovative IT outsourcing service. With experienced experts in various IT fields such as networking, software system, and cybersecurity, CIO use self-developed AI data analysis technology and local threat intelligence to build a network management and cybersecurity fusion center (NOC+SOC) which aims to provide one-stop service to monitor and analyze the network performance and hidden cybersecurity risks for SMEs. All of our services are self-developed, and we adapted intelligent platform ‘N-Cloud’ that correlates three main technologies, including SNMP, Flow and Syslog, in IT operation. Such innovative AI system learns from each network environment and then defines a reasonable data interval model, which can free the IT administrators from setting abnormal threshold values manually. When there is traffic appears to be out of the reasonable range (usually abnormal behaviors or network attacks occur), CIO operation platform will take the initiative to alert the administrators. CIO 24/7 uninterruptedly monitors the network quality and cybersecurity status, and locates the root causes in the first instance when abnormalities occur. IT consultants from CIO will propose countermeasures in the shortest time, or work together with IT talents nearby the subscribers’ locale to cope with network issues. 

This can not only save administrators from the tedious setup work, but also improve subscribers' current network environment and protect from potential cybersecurity threats. CIO also help subscribers to enhance the security and quality of their networks, as well as to play a multiplier role in guiding the digital innovation and digital transformation of the industry. 

How SMEs Can Embrace Security and Network Operation in a Cost Effective Way: CIO Subscription Plans

The subscription-based model adopted by CIO is like hiring a remote network medical team for subscribers, helping them to significantly reduce the huge equipment cost while keeping dynamic and advanced cybersecurity protection.

CIO deploys data collection equipment on the client side and collects the data under the permission of the customer, and then transmit those data to CIO center for analysis in an encrypted and compressed format, so as to grasp user behaviors, monitor the health status of all devices and network service performance, and quickly identify the root cause when abnormalities occur and recover them instantly. In the face of low birthrate, CIO also help solve the difficulty of finding IT talents for subscribers. It is suitable for diverse industries and scales, including manufacturers, educational organizations, governments, hospitals, clinics, branches of logistics/banks/multinational corporations, etc. CIO enables subscribers to enjoy high-quality IT outsourcing service without worrying about the continuous rise in costs.

Core Technologies stay within Taiwan, network medical team services worldwide through cloud

After laying the foundation of service capacity in Taiwan, we expect to promote CIO service to overseas. The first target market is the Southeast Asian and we expect to build 3 network operation centers there within 3 years. We hope to use the same business model serving SMEs in Taiwan, to help subscribers from Southeast Asia move to the cloud for AI analysis. Just like the world-famous "Call Center" in India, we aim to become "Global IT Operation Center," expanding intelligent IT outsourcing services to the world while keeping core technologies in Taiwan, and eventually establishing Taiwan's irreplaceable national brand of IT outsourcing.