Cloud  Intelligent  Operation, CIO

Cloud Intelligent Operation: 

An IT Operation and Security Monitoring Center

One-stop Shop Providing Building, Management, and Operation Services   ▍

Saving a large outlay on network equipment

 Services provided by IT professionals

Advanced technologies to protect information security

  Avoiding purchasing equipment unnecessary or overlapping after organizational change

  No need to worry about IT staff changes and management

Have you ever noticed unstable internet connection can severely affect business operation?  

Do you have concern about the high cost of digital transformation but need its profits?

Are you worried that it will be hard to find and keep IT professionals?

Integrate Analysis in a Cloud Platform with On-site Service

Cloud Intelligent Operation uses AI in a cloud platform for data analysis combining with on-site support by IT professionals to provide economical, instant and high-qualified IT operation services and protect against cyber attacks.

  STEP 1 / Examining Network Environment 

IT professionals in Cloud Intelligent Operation will visit your office, make an examination to know the current network status and needs, and optimize internet connection by adjusting settings and connection types.

  STEP 2 / Connecting to the Monitoring Center  

In our monitoring center, there are IT experts in network, software, cyber security, etc. With them and AI technology working 24/7 analyzing data, the root cause of network issues can be fully understood, and a solution will be proposed in the shortest possible time. 

  STEP 3 / Fixing the Issue with On-site Support  

After a repair ticket is delivered, IT professionals nearby will rapidly go to your office and start fixing the issue based on the results from the monitoring center.

Besides IT operation and problem solving, Cloud Intelligent Operation also provides:

────   Offered with E-Mail, Phone Calls, Video Calls, and On-site Service   ────